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Automotive Tricks & Customizations is in charge of bringing the best customizations in classic cars, no matter the brand or model. Our beloved team is prepared with the best tools in the market as well a vast knowledge in mechanics and engineering, reassuring an impeccable customization in a short period of time.

Our work quality is nothing to doubt about when it comes to repairing classics models, no matter the shape or condition of your car. In Automotive Tricks & Customizations, we are used to work with all sorts of models and we love to take challenges when it comes to customizations.

No matter how tight is your budget you’ll be surprised of how low our charges are, as we use the most advance and efficient equipment. Our team possesses the proper training to handle all sorts of customizations and we work fast and precisely to deliver your car in a perfect shape in no time.

In Automotive Tricks & Customizations, our most important goal is the happiness of our clients. We have more than 5 years providing with the best services and repairs to our clients and we have built a positive reputation because of it.

If you wish to become one of your customers, feel more than welcome to contact us, we’ll give you an approximate budget and discuss what kind of customizations you desire for your beloved classic car.

Not only we take care of classic cars, but we also customize brand new cars as well. We are also famous for delivering one of the best paint jobs you could ever pay for your car. We possess the best tools in the market and the experience to brag about. Our painting team will take care of your car and deliver it back to you in little-to-no time.

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