My name is Lena Johnson and I’m the founder of Automotive Tricks & Customizations, a car customizations and repair business specialized in classic and vintage cars. When I started my business about five years ago, my only goal was to provide my customers with not only but the best services In customizations.

I realized that it was not going to be an easy task, but with time and a well-trained team by my side, I noticed that my goal was not impossible to reach, and from then, Automotive Tricks & Customizations became the business that is today.

As an Engineer, I’ve always loved the automobile industry and more specially, the classics models and how they are build. I knew that I had to follow my passion and work with this industry, more specially, these kinds of models.

I gathered a team of 5 engineers who shared the same mindset and the same goal and we started working in a small garage with all the clients we could gather.

automotive tricks and customizations logo

We proved our talent in the area of customizations and we gained a reputation from that. After a lot of time and effort, we recruited more professionals to get us closer to our goal and from then, we’ve been slowly expanding to become the business that I dreamed back then.