Here in Automotive Tricks & Customizations, we provide you with the following services:

Complete Restoration of your car

No matter the condition of your car, we will bring it back to life using the most advances tools in the market and the best mechanics that you can find; we will do this in a short period of time so you can get your brand new car as quickly as possible.

Paint Job and full customizations

We are also famous of providing a high level of paint jobs with a lot of details and special engraving; we’re accustomed to work with high demands so, feel free to give us as many details as possible.

Repairs and more

We also work with all sorts of problems that your car could have. No matter if it’s new or classic, we’ll provide you with the best solutions you could find.

The reputation and work that we put in every car speak for itself when it comes to quality. Me and my team have faced a lot of challenges which provided us with the necessary experience which made us famous. When it comes to customizations for your classic or new model, Automotive Tricks & Customizations is your best option.

If you possess any doubts about our process, methods, or if you want to know how much is going to take to turn your car in a work of art, you can always call us and ask us about everything you wish to know. You will be treated with the respect and kindness we are also known for.